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Japan's finest sake in historical perspective

Rice was found its way into Japan about 2000 years ago, via the Asian continent. However, the Japanese climate was so hot and humid that the rice tended to become mouldy very quickly. The people, ever eager to quench their thirst, demanded something invigorating and refreshing. Rice seemed the obvious base material, which resulted in the invention of "tonic water" called "sake."

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Our ancestors craved and treasured this magical water as it was spiritually refreshing and relaxing for them. Naturally they didn't neglect offering it to their gods whilst praying for peace and prosperity. It was soon called "the water that would bring you prosperity." It accounts for the name sake which finds its origins in the word sakaeru meaning prosper or flourish.

All Japanese celebrations, especially for planting and harvesting, has sake as an integral part. In fact any happy occasion is seen as an excuse to imbibe in this "tonic water".

It is in this historical context that we, the Shirayuki Brewers, are proud to tell you that we have played a leading role in contributing to the Japanese culture for the last 450 years. We have researched, innovated and prospered throughout this time.

We are also pleased to announce that our innovations and endeavours will continue to please your palate for centuries to come.

The History of Shirayuki and Sake

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Japanese Page

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