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Welcome to Fujiyama-Net!

We are pleased to invite you to the English version of our homepage that will give you a glimpse of some aspects of the Japanese culture and traditions through thehistory of 'sake', Japanese rice wine.

Japanese 'sake' has its origin in the time immemorial. Throughout history, 'sake' has played an important role in celebrations of bumpers of rice, the grain that is an integral part of the daily lives of Japanese. As you travel through our site, please discover the significance of 'sake' as an element that has supported the Japanese culture and traditions, not as mere alcohol.

Since 1550, the Konishi family has been consistently engaged in 'sake' brewing here in Itami. The company is currently headed by the 15th heir of the Konishi clan. We have gone through many ups and downs and faced difficulties at every stage of our history.

Learning from the past, we always seek to open a path towards the future. It is our wish that you will see the whole picture of the present Konishi Brewing from the historical perspective that you will gain while travelling this homepage. The history of 'sake', a product of rice, stands in comparison with the histories of 'beer', a product of wheat, and 'wine', a product of grapes. We hope that you will appreciate the history of 'sake' that has deeply rooted in the Japanese culture. We also hope that our sake 'SHIRAYUKI (white snow)' will achieve worldwide success.

Your comments or questions to our homepage will be most welcomed.

Q&A Q&A between an interviewer and the first Konishi Shinuemon who started the business in 1550.

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