Quality Challenge

To achieve customer satisfaction and trust, we will focus on four strategic priorities “safety, reliability,
health and the environment” as well as the following actions to actively pursue continuous improvement
to all of our business activities.

    We will:
  • 1.Understand, meet and strive to exceed the needs of our customers;
  • 2.Undertake and improve our daily business activities, always recognising the importance and the awareness of issues
     at hand for customer service and quality control;
  • 3.Endeavour to supply safe and reliable products by securing full traceability from raw materials to finished product;
  • 4.Continue to develop and introduce environmentally-friendly products;
  • 5.Continually improve the way we do business and avoid “out of stocks” by further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness
     of the supply chain and making the sought-after products available to consumers in the best possible efficient way and condition;
  • 6.Act promptly and sincerely in response to our customer feedback and enquiries about our products and services;
  • 7.Continue to observe all laws and regulations and strictly abide by them; and
  • 8.Develop, maintain and improve efficiency of our quality management system year in and year out
     so that we comply with the requirements of ISO9001.